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013 Snakes & Ladders

013 Snakes & Ladders


26 x 22 in

65.5 x 55.5 cm

Paper & Glue on Cardboard


Electrical tape, modes of transportation, and images that could represent special powerups and rules of a game on patterned square cut outs on varies pieces of white paper from my first weeks living in Madrid.


The squares offered the idea of a board game. The tape is my versions of the snakes and ladders that demote or advance your gamepiece. Some images, like the eye dropper, worked well because of their long and narrow shape. Others, like the pig floating via baloon and John Malkovich seemed that they could have strong implications in this setting.


I have always liked the asthetic of snakes and ladders, but never liked the gameplay. This was my way of creating a more interesting version of the game without having to write rules. I would not be able to say how each element of the piece would translate to the flow of a boardgame, but each could be interpreted as a number of differernt rules from so many different games that the viewer enjoys.


This piece will be shipped in-frame.

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