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041 Self-Portrait 1

041 Self-Portrait 1


Paper & Glue on Wood

14 x 22 in

35 x 56 cm


Colored paper arms on cut outs of shoes, flowers, a gospel quartet and a chinese lantern, on white paper rip, on a block of wood.


The gold Nike Dunk´s started the idea. Originally there were going to be paired up with a big plate of sushi, but the asthetic was not right. I found the latern, and the four men worked nicely as a crown.




This painting can be shipped to you flat, on wood.  


No matter which of the three you choose, my work is always coated in a layer of varnish for durability. 


If you have a question about a specific piece, you may email me at - with the name of the piece in the subject. Cheers.


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