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053 Rona

053 Rona


Paper & Glue on Cardboard

22.5 x 32.5 in (including frame)

57 x 82.5 cm


Sections of faces on the torso of a creepy man holding a doll on red patterned images of purses and interior designs pictures.


The frame inspired a portrait piece. I compiled faces and red patterned images for the background. As I looked at the portraits I had collected, I did not know how they were going to fit together best. I thought of slivers of a pie, or parallel strips, but it became a much more organic process of puzzling them together. Time and time again I re-learn that the best way images fit together is by respecting each one individually first, then piecing it together with others.


I made this at the beginning of Madrid's 2020 Covid-19 quarantine. It is both elegant and shattered. My apartment becomes a cell when I think about gravity of this pandemic and its potential endurance. But the time at home is also an opportunity when I think about the freedom of a day without obligation.




This painting can be shipped to you in-frame. This piece is currently in storage in Madrid. The pricing already includes arrangments to have it shipped to you. 


No matter which of the three you choose, my work is always two layers of paper thick and coated in a layer of varnish for durability. 


If you have a question about a specific piece, you may email me at - with the name of the piece in the subject. Cheers.


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