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067 Catan

067 Catan


21  x 24 in

Paper & Glue 


Champagne, a smiley face balloon, cars, game pieces, alternative paths and obstacles on playing cards, on black. 


This is my second board game collage. I found the playing cards; 19 of them. I wanted to make this piece more interactive, so for the first time, I offered three dimensional elements. This new, more pronounced texture aims to draw the viewer in. I wanted to make present many connections so the viewer can create their own path through the game. 


There is a starting square and a finish line, but maybe yours are different than mine. You have your stratagy, and I have mine; let's see whose proves more efficient. Just because our respective focuses are different, does not mean one is wrong. However, there is only one winner in this game.




This painting can be shipped to "stretched". 


  • Rolled - means I roll the piece, with a sheet of butcher paper for protection, and ship it to you in a light-weight repurposed cardboard tube. You will have the flexbility to mount the piece how ever you wish.


  • Scrolled - means you receive a repurposed cardboard tube, but it also comes with two upcycled rods attached to the piece so that you get to unroll it like a scroll, and hang it with a screw on either side. 


  • Stretched - means I shape the paper around a wooden frame for the feeling of a mounted canvas.


No matter which of the three you choose, my work is always two layers of paper thick and coated in a layer of varnish for durability. 


If you have a question about a specific piece, you may email me at - with the name of the piece in the subject. Cheers.

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