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087 White Noise

087 White Noise


27.5 x 23 in

Paper & Glue 


Black and white strips, patterned onto triangles and rips on black pages.


After the black background was glued together, I started covering lighter spots with black fragments. Then I added layers without adding content. The composition of greys leaves a sort of static feel.


Sometimes it feels like you are spinning our wheels; or running in circles. Perhaps you need to look a little harder, or with different eyes. There IS still progress, but might not look the way you were expecting.




This painting can be shipped to you in a few ways: rolled, scrolled, or stretched. 


  • Rolled - means I roll the piece, with a sheet of butcher paper for protection, and ship it to you in a light-weight repurposed cardboard tube. You will have the flexbility to mount the piece how ever you wish.


  • Scrolled - means you receive a repurposed cardboard tube, but it also comes with two upcycled rods attached to the piece so that you get to unroll it like a scroll, and hang it with a screw on either side. 


  • Stretched - means I shape the paper around a wooden frame for the feeling of a mounted canvas.


No matter which of the three you choose, my work is always two layers of paper thick and coated in a layer of varnish for durability. 


If you have a question about a specific piece, you may email me at - with the name of the piece in the subject. Cheers.

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