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106 Light Grey, Dark Grey

106 Light Grey, Dark Grey


Medium: Paper on Paper

Size: 30" x 42"


Lightsaber handles made from color copies, newspaper, and black cutouts, on Star Wars cutouts on Star Wars sheets.


I got the frame from an architect in San Francisco. It was used for a project proposal of some kind. The idea for the piece was at least a couple years old when I finally started this project. I created the perimeter of sheets first, added a rough background of the sabers, then created the border of the sabers with cutouts and worked towards the edges. I added layers to the center of the sabers for a glowing effect and finally put down the handles after finishing them on the side.


Jedi versus the Dark side makes it so black and white. With respect to the movies I think I know where my allegiance rests, but so many issues we face in the real world, both individual and society, deserve a more in depth look. Black and white is more rarely the case, and your shade of grey is probably a little different than his/hers. Listening remains the most important concept for these discussions to be sustained in a productive light. 

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