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136 Thinking About Sex

136 Thinking About Sex


Images from NYE @ The Mint - New Bohemia to come. 


Paper on Paper mounted to a bamboo scroll. 


Revealing female figures pressed inside a baby blue cut out of a cartoonish penis and testicales -- cock and balls. On a black background, rigged to bamboo shoots for a scroll effect. This style of puzzling cut outs together (ie negative blue space showing) came from a collage I made while in Madrid, Spain. The idea was inspired by a collection of nude female cutouts, the desire to replicate style from an older painting, and in search of the provocative.


How many times per day does someone think about it? 10? 20? Every seven seconds? Many. Yet even talking about that we are thinking about sex is not particularly appropriate. Taboo in popular society, sex always finds a way to express itself. Perhaps sex is still in prohibition. Its massive embrace could lead to a slower (healthier) frequency of offering our addictive attention to such a private matter. We might just cure world hunger. 


Please contact me for purchasing. 

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