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055 Fake News

055 Fake News


14 x 19.5 in 

Paper & Glue


A parrot from an advertisement for a Madrid play on a girl looking inside a dinosaur's mouth on a typewriter on four pages of a Spanish encyclopedia.


I thought of the parrot and dinosaur mouth as separate ideas originally. When I saw that they could work together, the typewriter was the only missing piece. 


I am thinking about all of the news that is being thrown around during this quarantine: "Giant Parrot with T-Rex like teath devours innocent teenage girl in one bite". There are too many headlines that reach too many people. We cannot keep up. Most forget to be skeptical and arguments straw in all directions.



This painting can be shipped to you rolled or in-frame.


If you have a question about a specific piece, you may email me at - with the name of the piece in the subject. Cheers.

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