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031 Redo

031 Redo


52.5 x 58 cm / 20.5 x 23 in

Paper on Cabinet Door


Characters from the Mario world from a Portland magazine on summer camp colored paper from San Francisco on lottery reciepts and expired scratch-offs from Sol Plaza, Madrid on a found cabinet door.


The collection of the materials pushed me into the piece. First, I asked a street lottery ticket vendor for his clear trash bag of lottery tickets. I explained that I was going to use them in an art project and he was happy to hand them over; they were garbage after all. Then, the cabinet door was attractive for its knob (on the backside) that acts as a natural anchor. Its twisted latch and metal tag give it character. Filling up "the number one" started with a struggle to manage the space, and at a certain point, something posessed me and carried me to the finish line.


Video games give us a feeling of invincibility when we respawn after death as if nothing happened. The lottery feels similarly. Here, characters who are accustomed to infinity second changes fight for those extras lives; while they are stuck in mortality.


This is my most cherrished piece. If you are serious about wanted to purchase it, please email me to start the discussion regarding price and shipping. This piece is currently in storage in Madrid.

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