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044 Robot Chicken

044 Robot Chicken


16 x 20 in

Paper & Glue on Press board


A wooden woven chicken on two videogame soldiers on newspaper rips on paper from a museum schedule.


The chicken came first. The original image had such defined places for separation. I know I wanted to space out chicken with some inspector gadget add ons. The process of finding the "extenders" was fun. There were a few finalists, and ultimately two videogames soldiers won. The decision was more about size and shape than content. Others were too fat or long, or to strange. The space between the soldiers' legs, mirrored the same gap of the chicken. The background went down first. The canvas was a wooden frame, but the surface was a bit furry and did not stick well. So, I decided to remove it and just wanted to ensure all of the images would stick together. First the bright block letters, then the newspaper, then the nature purch, and finally the main act.


This piece is about agency. I think of control when I think if both chickens and soldiers. For most chickens, agency is removed entirely with a literal restriction of movement. For people who enlist in the military, there appears to be a choice to give up certain agency. However, is this example, I think there are other benefits traded for some of your agency: deciplne and organization for example Again, aiming for boldness amist simplicity. Maybe I need to remove the backgrounds all together, but I like the environment they add, despite it potentially being distracting.

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