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About the Artist

Creation of Photographs is proving to be a lifelong exercise. Developing the “muscle memory” to see the images that I need to make is the result of nurturing that desire regularly.  Digital or analog, film or files, practicing the craft of seeing. I carry a camera to document the very elusive decisive moment. My images are not filled with hidden meanings or messages. They’re little slices of moments we walk by without acknowledgin in our media saturated lives. 


One of my photo mentors, photographer Don Worth, stated that there are two different types of photographers. Just two. Makers: those that through creative tools manipulate the image…And the Takers: those that the absences of manipulation is celebrated. I have always followed the dogma of the Taker. Careful to be “true” to the scene shot with the least manipulation as possible. 

After transplanting from the east coast to attend the Fine Arts Photography program at San Francisco State, this city became home. I landed in the Haight-Ashbury and never left.  My work shows what happens when you leave a photographer's eye in the heart of San Francisco for 40+ years.


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