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Opening April 18th at 806 S. Van Ness & 19th - Bender's Bar and Grill, and will be on display through May. 

Care free subjects surrounded by more in-depth backgrounds; sometimes intense, tragic, or uncomfortably creepy. Emojis are quite contemporary, so contrasting them with the past creates interesting recipes. Can an emoji be taken seriously, or is sarcasm baked into their squishy yellow heads?

All materials used in this series (and my practice) are upcycled materials, helping to make use of our growing pile of trash. Paper is my paint, and when you look closely at the contents of the images, and how they connect to the other images, possibilities start to multiply.

The scrolls use the entirety of the magazine referenced in the piece's title. The backgrounds created for the framed emojis use select cut-outs from their corresponding category.  

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