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is a self-taught intuitive painter, inspired by styles of neo-expressionism, abstract expressionism, and street art. Her process seeks to transcend the mental chatter and monotony in the physical world, and connect with body and spirit through an unplanned and organic process of paint to canvas. By day she does community-based research and engagement with an environmental public health non-profit organization. She lives aboard a 40 ft. boat in Sausalito with her two cats, where she is flooded with potent muse. Rose is accepting commissions and always loves hearing from anyone who is inspired by her work or wants to talk about her story as an artist.


She can be reached via email: 

Magnetic prints

All prints have been hand pressed onto mounting board, and finished with a magnetic strip on the back so you can put it up on your fridge! Custom sizing is available.


Original Paintings

"I do not have a plan, nor do I attempt to ever finish a painting in one fell swoop. I begin with base layers, usually accompanied with some kind of ethereal electronic music to get my heart, body and spirit flowing in sync onto the canvas. No wrong strokes, no time limit, and no rights or wrongs. I use a variety of tools that can be obtained from my kitchen or a hardware store. As for paint itself, I use acrylic, gouache, aerosol, and always a spray bottle for the magnificent drips. The intention is for there to be no intention. Keep flowing until the body says stop. 


Once I have a solid base layer of drips, splats, strokes, and scratches, I tend to leave it for a few days- let it breathe. Then I return to it, and look for shapes, patterns, color themes, etc. I build upon the base layers with more layers- these ones more refined and with more of a vision in mind. If I change my mind, I paint over it. I also have an electric sander used to smooth down layers and build upon them. I write words and phrases to pair with often basic images like flowers and symbols. The layers beneath the more prominent images are intended to evoke the notion of the creative process being as sacred as the finished piece. It is healing, it is therapy, it is the way to escape from the binary world, and into a creative play space. Some prominent themes throughout my work include: the human experience, spiritual awakening, healing and transformation, surrender, and divine feminine energy. I hope to encourage the welcoming of feminine energy to our masculine dominant world. I find it to not be coincidental that the effect of the pandemic was our forced isolation, and in-turn a dramatic slow down from our familiar fast-paced culture— something many of us are unfamiliar and even unaffordable with, as many of us lead with the masculine- quick, aggressive, domineering. It is time to welcome the feminine."

Sold Works